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Tank truck repairs

Repairs of food, cement, fuel tank, chemical product and other tank trucks. Tank repairs that are manufactured by Feldbinder, Spitzer, LAG, Baryval, Kaessbohre and others.


Repair works that are performed:

  • cleaning of various size parts, constructions and aggregates to the metal (sanding, shotblasting);
  • complete painting of the tank and trailer and painting of the individual elements thereof;
  • replacement of piping, cranes, gaskets, stuffing-boxes and other exploitation parts;
  • tank chassis and suspension repairs;
  • tank, electric equipment and installation replacement and repairs;
  • ferrous, stainless steel and aluminium welding works.




In order to maintain the performance properties and quality of the machinery, the manufacturers of the vehicles recommend to perform their repairs only in the certified centers of the technical repairs and maintenance.  "Egmila" JSC is able to perform the reconstruction works and restore the initial condition of the vehicle, even in case of a very big deformations of the hood. Due to the newest equipment installed in the repair center and professional specialists the high quality result of the works performed is ensured.





Quality is Guaranteed