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Currently most of the commercial transport vehicles are being purchased in a way of leasing and are insured by KASKO insurance. It is surely a reliable method, because if the vehicle becomes involved in the auto accident, its repair is much easier, since repair costs are covered by insurance. EGMILA PJSC cooperates with the largest insurance companies in the Baltic countries, Europe, Russia and Belarus.


After insurance company directs the vehicle for repairs to "Egmila" JSC garage, you are provided with the warranty, therefore you don't have to worry about the payment. Insurance company transfers the funds for the repairs directly to the account of "Egmila" JSC. 


Typically, the truck and semitrailer are being damaged during the auto accident, therefore "Egmila" JSC garage repairs all machinery without any difficulties.

"Egmila" JSC garage - the guarantee of the quality.



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