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Complete or partial painting of lorries, trailers and refrigerators

Paintjobs are performed in the painting chamber made by the Belgium company SIMASAKA, its temperature range is from 0 to +80 degrees Celsius. Such chamber is one of the largest in the Baltic region: length - 18 meters, height 5 meters, width 5.5 meters. There are perfect painting capabilities for the oversized vehicles, while assuring the high quality of works. Two stream system that is installed in the painting chamber allows to paint two trucks with different colours.


Parts are carefully prepared before the painting – plastering, priming and lastly painting is performed. 

Works that are performed at the garage:

  • Complete or partial painting of the cabin or other parts;
  • Removal of the old paint;
  • Elimination of the irregularities;
  • Polishing;
  • Priming;
  • Coating with the anticorrosive material;
  • Complete or partial painting of the cabin or other parts;
  • Painting and varnishing;
  • Polishing.

Truck, refrigerator, trailer priming - Egmila


Polishing of the parts

Cabin and hood parts are carefully prepared, so that their surfaces would be smooth.


Painting process

Quality preparation of the hood or its parts for the painting is a very important phase, the perfect looks of the vehicle after the painting depends on it. The longevity of the coating depends on the quality of preparation. We use the paint manufactured by the "DUPONT" company and we select them according to the colour and gloss of the machinery.

Sunkvežimių, šaldytuvų, priekabų dažymas - Egmila


Painted parts are carefully inspected and transferred for the assembly. Fully assembled vehicles are washed from outside, the remaining parts that were not painted are polished and the cabin is cleaned.



Clients can be sure that after the repairs their machinery will be just as new and will continue to drive over the European roads.  




Quality is Guaranteed