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Other repairs

"Egmila" JSC performs additional repair works:

  • engine repairs,
  • gear box repairs,
  • transmission repairs,
  • electric installation repairs,
  • wheel alignment.

Basic services

  • restoration of the frame, hood and tank geometry;
  • axis repairs of the BPW, SAF, ROR and MERCEDES vehicles;
  • replacement and repairs of the canopy;
  • replacement and repairs of the trailer and semitrailer bottom, wall, roof, frontal wall, rear door and fifth wheel coupler plate;
  • replacement of the removable ceiling;
  • THERMO KING and CARIER refrigerator unit repairs and replacement;
  • door manufacturing and repairs;
  • restoration of the isothermal van integrity;
  • manufacturing and replacement of the Sandwich panels;
  • complete repairs of the tank;
  • check up-hydraulic tests of the tank;
  • electro-technical works.


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